Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hair Musings

Ever since i decided to get sisterlocks, i have been braiding my hair because i want to get use to the way natural hair would look on me. I like it ALOT. I even think i look younger (well, not that i looked old before). Maybe i'm seeing things or maybe it's the first i'm seeing the REAL me in a long time (without straightened hair). Or it could be the mentally free me, looking at the real me. Before, if i braid my hair i would take them out before i leave the house, these days it's me and my braids every where. And i don't care what anybody thinks.

Where did i get the idea that i wouldn't looked "presentable" with my hair braided? I am extremely disappointed in me thinking like this. What's important now is that i am mindful not to pass this self deprecating attitude about my hair on to little black girls in my family, just as my mother unconsciously did.

My 2 yr son looked at me with my braids the other day and said: "mommy hair beautiful" my heart melted. Note, he never said that about my straighten hair. When i had a 6yr nephew, who's white, (long story) found the time to stop playing with his GI joes and said "i like your hair"...this was after i took out a weave i was wearing. Those were the best compliments, because they were pure and free of societal influences...they just commented on what they saw, no b.s.

until next time!
one love

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Test Locks

I finally saw the consultant today and i can lock up to five inches of my hair. Yeah! So i will be get my little ones in 2mths. Happy Happy!

Wow!.It will cost a small fortune, but well worth it.

Pic 1 shows the test locks and pic 2. is my hair braided.

More to come!

one love!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's About DARN Time

~~i should be studying for the GREs, but i'm writing this blog instead. Yeah, i know what you are thinking, I'm procrastinating, i bet that word is in the analogy section. Well, this blog is about hair, so here goes:

It's about DARN time i do something about my hair. I mean, do i really want to spend the rest of my life trying to fight nature. And by doing something i mean enough with the creme crack (ie, texturizers, relaxers and all the other chemicals we have been blackmailed to believe is good for our hair). So today i did just that, i threw out all that garbage, and now it's exactly where it belongs, with the garbage.
Ten years ago i was sitting in my moms living room in Jamaica (sporting whatever concoction my mom had in my hair at the time..sigh). I digress, so, on tv there was this beautiful woman with the most gorgeous hair (sisterlocks), and i thought , wouldn't it be nice to have my hair like that. I must admit the thought was fleeting though. After all, this beautiful woman with her gorgeous locks who's telling the reporter how it is easy and possible to have locks that are versatile and manageable could just be an American con artist.
Fast forward 10 years and i can put a name to the hair (Dr. Cornwell). By this time i have had many hair dos and don't s. I had a twa (teeny weeny afro), relaxers, texturizers, many weaves, braids (no wigs though, even at my worst, i couldn't bring myself to wear one). So today, i am the owner of 18" of texturized hair. It takes me close to 3hrs to straighten it, and it never gets straight by the way, and talk about tangles, i have so much and then some. So you can see ,i have issues, and why might you ask, because I'm trying to force the hands of nature and turn my hair into something it's not. Well, i know there are no answers in ignorance, so i started my research on sisterlocks.
I tell ya, there are a lot of information out there and even more women with beautiful SLs. So after calling around, i have decided to get SLs, and i can't wait, even though i have to. As you can see from my picture (which was taken in Dec 09) i'm not quite there yet, but i have my consultation on 02/17/10, and to say I'm exited is an understatement.

So, i will update with pictures and my consultants recommendation soon.

one love
soon to be free